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Mail Matters provides all the services necessary to help your company send a bulk mailing, no matter how big or small it is. We can do data work, supply, overprint and fill envelopes by machine. We can also provide other solutions, such as hand work, polythene wrapping and ink jet addressing directly to postcards, leaflets, etc.

Database Services

Data Processing, Cleaning and Sortation

Mail Matters' in-depth knowledge of delivering high quality mailing solutions is evident from our performance. We know that integrity, accuracy and control of vital data are essential contributors to the success of each mailing activity.

Document Personalisation

Digital Print and Design

The personalisation of the mailing performs two tasks:
- It gives the postman his instructions on where to deliver the mailing
- It makes the recipient feel that you were taking time to contact them specifically
With the high usage of unaddressed door drops, this personal contact can make the difference!


Envelope Insertation

We specialise in machine filling at speed and in volume and while we have equipment to deal to most requests we also have a permanent hand fulfilment team that supplements our filling capabilities. Anything from wind up aeroplanes to tea bags into folders, odd-shaped envelopes, bespoke polybags - whatever your idea talk it over with us.

We also provide and overprint all sizes of envelopes.


Post and Dispatch

In many cases the cost of postage will be the most expensive part of your campaign.

We can talk you through the most cost effective form of mailing, and we have many options to choose from.

Customer Service

Support and Advice

Helping customers even when they don’t know they need help. We want everything to be perfect all the way down the line and work with our clients to provide high levels of excellence.

Postal Sort

How Postal Sort Works

Postal Sort ... the innovative and cost reducing complete mail service for businesses.


We charge less postage
We Collect your mail for FREE
We give you your envelopes FREE
And you don't need a franking machine


You don't have to frank your mail
You don't have to buy envelopes


You fill the envelope and drop it into the provided postal tub
We collect from your premises
We make sure you don't break the size and weight limits by accident
You have a local dedicated customer service team
Royal Mail still delivers your mail

Postal Sort Services

What is Postal Sort?

What is PostalSort? Basically it's a vehicle to get wholesale prices from Royal Mail for your business without the need for a franking machine. The technical term is Down Stream Access - the reality is that your company can save up to 20% by posting mail through us.

Our Vision

"We intend to provide our customers with the best postage experience from beginning to end, with a smart, fast and quality delivery."

"We aim to deliver the best customer experience while providing cost effective and innovative solutions to help clients communicate with their customers."

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For further information on sending valuables, money and jewellery in the UK click here
For details on prohibitions and restrictions in the domestic and international post please see the following guide



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